A Lotta Carlötta

Happy Others’ Day

Just because I never pushed the equivalent of an 8 pound bowling ball out of my va-jay-jay doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a friggin’ corsage

Health and Beauty Tips!

Certified Ass Puncher

I am LA’s 1st Certified Ass Puncher-the trendy new beauty treatment soon to be embraced by all of Hollywood. Step aside Gwyneth and your Bee Sting Therapy. Certified Ass Punching is the sh*t! Click to read more!

Health and Beauty Tips!

DeBeauTox Diet–Yes, It’s a Thing!

Carlötta Beautox Diet–1 day a week eat 2 Espresso Beans, 3 TicTacs to stay slim. Freebies include all the iceberg lettuce, water and cigarettes you want! You’re welcome! Read More!