A Lotta Carlötta

Happy Others’ Day

Just because I never pushed the equivalent of an 8 pound bowling ball out of my va-jay-jay doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a friggin’ corsage

Health and Beauty Tips!

Certified Ass Puncher

I am LA’s 1st Certified Ass Puncher-the trendy new beauty treatment soon to be embraced by all of Hollywood. Step aside Gwyneth and your Bee Sting Therapy. Certified Ass Punching is the sh*t! Click to read more!

Health and Beauty Tips!

The Sriracha™ Colonic–Yes, It’s a Thing

The successor to the coffee colonic–Introducing the Sriracha Colonic. Celebrity Carlötta Beautox was the test pilot for this daring technique and goes where no one has gone before! Read More!