Who is Carlötta Beautox Anyway?

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me, Carlötta Beautox!  I love you already. I am an actress, a thinktress and an influenceress and I’ve opened up my diary so you, the unwashed masses, can peek into my vast inner landscape and join me as I navigate the treacherous waters of Hollywood.  I am an open book and I want to share with you all of my incredible Hollywood experiences!  If I make it…I mean when I make it…you’ll have made it too. I’ll be sharing it all: success tips, beauty hacks, spiritual life, recipes, dreams, desires, failures…ahem…learning opportunities so that we can learn and grow together.  My current goal: stay young, stay pretty because the reality is you can’t make it any other way here in LaLaLand.

So let’s dive in:  How do you wage war on aging?  Restylane? Perlane? Juvederm? Beletero? Radiesse? How about those Vampire Facelifts which remind me of a Jello Poke Cake?  There are so many dermal fillers so little time.  How’s a girl to choose?  The Carlötta Beautox Secret? A twice yearly regimen of Restylane in the lips, forehead, nasolabia, eyelids, periorbitals, chin plus a bonus syringe of Perlane because YOLO (You Only Live Once) right?

My goal is to achieve general hollowness–I’m well on my way.


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