Variety’s Top 10 Extras No One Will Work With–I Made the List!

Dearest Diary
Publicity is everything. Every actor knows this.
Making one of Variety’s Top 10 Lists is Hollywood-speak for “You Have Arrived.” People clamor to be on the Top 10 Actors to Watch, Top 10 Assistants on the Rise, Top 10 Comics, you get the drift. You can imagine my delight when I made Variety’s Top 10 Extras No One Will Work With* (*In truth, I was #11 according to someone my manager Dave knows who works at Variety.)  I came this close to making the official list to which I said, with my characteristic optimism (I’m a Virgo!), “There’s always next year.”
Seeing your name in print is magical…so they tell me…but knowing that my name was almost in print gave me shivers.

How I (for all intents and purposes) made this auspicious list is a crazy story. I was playing a corpse on Castle…ok, truth…I almost played a corpse, the producers in the end decided to “go another way” casting-wise.  Anyway, the scene was this: I am playing this murder victim, outlined in chalk, when Castle and his sidekick Beckett come in and discuss the crime. Just because I didn’t have any lines doesn’t mean I can’t act the sh*t out of this, right? My acting coach (former) always stressed that.  So being dead, my eyes were slightly opened…not everyone dies with their eyes closed, it’s a myth. Anyway as the scene starts, the director suddenly screams “cut!” and instructs me, “You, dead girl, close your eyes.” So I do. Halfway. The scene starts again and almost immediately, “Cut!!” this time more ferocious. “Dead extra, your eyes are still open.” I basically told him that this was an acting choice, that when I was murdered in the scene, I died with eyes open because I recognized the killer. He goes, “Yeah fine, but your eyes are moving all over the place.” Frankly, I was looking to see where camera was placed so that I could remember NOT to look in it.

Next thing I know I’m being hustled off the soundstage. Nathan Fillion yells “Jesus Christ!” while this is all happening. His outrage over the inhumane and cruel treatment of a fellow thespian was palpable. He couldn’t even make eye contact with me such was the level of his distress.

So while this experience was all very unpleasant, one positive that came out of it was my getting put (almost) on the prestigious list of Variety‘s Top Ten Extras No One Will Work With. As I said, “There’s always next year.”  Lookout “Untitled Warner Brothers’ TV Show” now holding extra auditions this week! Carlötta Beautox is coming! Although word of advice:  I think your show may need a better title…”Untitled Warner Brothers” just doesn’t roll off the tongue. My 2 cents!

Tata for now!

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